Thursday, 25 July 2013


NRR Long:
The trip down and the first half the return leg of this morning's ride were fairly easy, but the hills loop and 2nd half of the way home more than made up for it.

I am continuing to get deeper (based on HR) into the box with each new week, this is great, when I hurt I get faster. My times on Canadian and Two Bays are comparable to the small peak I achieved this time last year, if I can continue to improve then I should end up in a better place to last year.

So what happened that got me riding at over 190bpm? Jan Řehula hit it at the bottom of Canadian, Lucas responded to him, and I went after Lucas. Lucas looked like he eventually got the wheel, I just aimed to keep myself from completely imploding, and was happy to do all the work to the false flat while hold the gap steady.

The catch was made on the descent, but I had to come almost to a stop for the turn into Two Bays for a car, then I had to get my chain off the big ring at 20rpm, then I had a gap to close. The shopping list nature of those events was how my brain processed it. One thing at a time, there was no capacity to deal with it any other way. As for the gap, I chose to deal with it by setting my pace. I figured trying to sprint across would be a sure fire way to destroy me. I got close as the road ramped up at the first roundabout, then picked off riders one by one as they popped, I got a short sit on someone, but mostly it was just me and a bunch of air to push up a hill. Special mention should be made of Lee, he got back on to my wheel as I passed and rolled me up the final metres of the climb.

On the return leg, Wilko and Chris Lee were pulling hard turns to get us home quicker from around Mordi. As we approached Rickets I rolled up to give them a hand, figuring I'd be left to pull long strong turns on the front. Incorrect, Wilko was feeling feisty and hit us several times, taking me from my "happy" place to a very very unhappy one. It was a bunch of fun, I knew he was mostly just wanting to get to work on time, but just in case he felt he could win something, I felt obliged to chase him down.

Strava link.

D: 95.0km
A: 526m

I've been given 8 minutes for this weekend's Melbourne to Ballarat. Scratch looks to be packed with VIS, AIS and NRS riders, I'm a little nervous. Hopefully I can get over the pinch at Pykes Creek before they come storming through, because if I have to climb with them, I'm afraid I shall be spat as unceremoniously as I was at the Fred Icke.

D: 11.5km
A: 44m

PMPW: 97kg

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Dan Wilkins said...

I still got to work late. 9:30. WAHHH.
Must have to go harder next time?!

Good luck this weekend!