Monday, 22 July 2013


2 x 1min Row
1 x 100 Skips

2 x 5 @ 20kg Low bar squat
1 x 5 @ 40kg Low bar squat
1 x 5 @ 60kg Low bar squat
1 x 2 @ 85kg Low bar squat
3 x 5 @ 117.5kg Low bar squat

1 x 5 @ 20kg Press
3 x 5 @ 46kg Press

Two poos weren't enough before working out, a third trip to the bathroom had to be made between the warmup and work sets. As I sat on the throne, lamenting the over use of hot sauce on last night's mexican, I hoped the combination tired legs from yesterday's hiking and tumultuous intestines wouldnt prevent me from adding 2.5kg on my squat.

I'm pretty pleased that they didn't, though obviously expelling that amount of waste made me hungry as my butt kept trying to eat my tracky dacks during reps.

I had to cut out deads for the week, extra poo meant i was short on time.

A couple of sneaky lunch time lake laps felt pretty good. My legs were light and sprightly. Oh well, I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth.

A: 87m

PMPW: 95kg

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