Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Yesterday's sit in fest left me feeling like I should have done a couple of turns, so I vowed to work a bit today. I sat on the front for much of the trip to Mordi, then after the roundabout I pulled through and set what I thought was a solid tempo. A few guys came through hard, pushing me close to breaking, then DK flashed past everyone and went clear. I sat up. There was no way I could chase that alone.

I slipped back into the bunch, found a gap, then waited for the pace to lift and the chase to begin in earnest. It didn't, so I rolled back to the front, preparing myself to do more work than I'd hoped today. It was not long after that Davo Williams rolled up on his TT rig with the full fruit. Sweet! I sat in while the 808/Disc equipped beast was tapped along at a solid tempo. A few guys tried to bridge on Rickets as Davo's pace slowed, he inevitably pegged them back on the flat. On the next hill when they went again I rolled around and to the front. Letting Davo know that he should get a draught off me, and set a tempo up the hill.

After the catch in Sandy, I swapped one David's wheel for the other, DK still keen to stress legs. Coming off the lights before the golden mile, Bolts threw a chain, causing a bit of chaos and hesitation behind him. I saw DK look back, and then kick hard. It was on again! I paused letting a gap open in front of me, then when no one covered it I went hard to shake them off my wheel and get across. I rolled past DK and Artisan Sam, and buried myself until the crest at Bay St, then flicked them clear with an update on the gap.

I was dripping profusely with sweat, but grinning. Putting the cat amongst the pigeons is fun.

Strava link.

D: 46.0km
A: 196m

A few sneaky lunch time laps with the Dawns, paused only for Swan crossings and some chocolate.

D: 23.5km
A: 125m

PMPW: 97kg

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