Friday, 12 July 2013


Some time ago I got a KOM* on the Airlie Street segment on Strava, I'd gone to do some hill sprint efforts, and between the 3rd and 4th reps I'd stopped to take a photo of it's longer, cobbled and speedhumped neighbour, Airlie Bank Lane. I thought to myself, I should attempt that too, see how I go.

Today I attempted to take it on my cross bike, and was shocked to see that no one had even made it a segment. Melbourne, I'm shocked at you. I thought you were all more OCD than this. Every other hill has 13 segments on it, just because this one is cobbled you go soft and leave it?

Obviously I created the segment myself, and I'm hoping Leigh De Luca got an email saying I took his top spot, because I think I can go faster, but probably wont try it again until I have to to get the title back.

A: 259m

* I had to go back and reclaim it a short time later when it was taken from me.

PMPW: 97kg


Unknown said...

"just because you are already the KOM (QOM) doesn't mean you shouldnt try and get a better time."

neil said...

Totes does.

There are other hills that need some big boy love.