Wednesday, 10 July 2013


NRR Long:
I was worried about how this one would go, I even avoided the first few rotations of the entire bunch rolling through on the way South. Eventually sense prevailed and I did my bit to pull us through the sub zero temperatures towards the hills behind Frankston.

With no Nick Bensley or Matt Boys the pace was controlled until we hit the highway, then Pete Smith took to the front, drawing us out into a single line... then as we hit Canadian the pace lifted again. I fought a battle between trying to hold wheels and not blow myself apart. There was tongue biting and a gap of 2m across the middle that seemed uncloseable, but eventually we hit the final kicker and I got some mental relief as I knew I'd made it through with the front runners.

Over the top Dave from Evolution (there are seriously too many Daves) had pushed clear as everyone gasped frosty air and admired the view of the sun rising over the fog blanketed valley ahead of us. Through to the left hander into Eumeralla Grove I hung in the gap between the bunch and him, then I drove to his wheel, pulled through and started to see what gap I could make on the bunch.

Into Two Bays we had 10 to 15 metres and I told Dave to sit on while I drove the pace. I exploded before house numbers started appearing on the left of the road, earlier than I'd hoped, but I was at the front of the ride, and that filled me with confidence. Dave continued solo up the road, and I was soon caught and passed by the chasing bunch, then Lucas Sproson pulled up beside me. He's been leaving me for dead for the past month or two, but today I felt ok, I resolved to keep pushing the pedals, then I put myself ahead of him, trying to ride him off my wheel, using his breathing behind me to motivate my effort. Ahead I could see the 5 or so chasing riders had caught Dave, but a figure in black had dropped off the back. AJ had lost the wheel, and ever so slowly I gained ground on him, finishing the climb 20 or so metres back with a ragged Lucas still glued to my wheel.

A steady roll home, once again with the whole bunch rolling through, finished off a 2nd satisfying session in as many days.

Tomorrow is going to hurt.

Strava link.

D: 97.5km
A: 591m

PMPW: 97kg

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