Sunday, 9 June 2013


Three Day Tour 3DT - Stage 2:
Oh man, yesterday was balmy in comparison to the temperatures we faced for this morning's ITT. When I crossed the line and had had enough time for my eyes to uncross and to take off my snot covered glasses, I glanced down at my computer to see 0.7°c. No wonder my fingers were having trouble working!

Anyway, the stage. I warmed up on the trainer, then rolled my disc wheel equipped bike to the start line. I wanted to hold 430W for the 6km course. After a km or so I looked down to see I'd been pushing almost 700W. It wasn't too pretty from there onwards, the rolling terrain and early over exertion meant I struggled to hold power.

I ended up losing 47 seconds to DK, who smashed the field. Despite my pacing issues I'd managed to achieve a 430W average, and 10th on the stage. I was now in 7th on GC.

Strava link.

D: 15.5km
A: 97m

Three Day Tour 3DT - Stage 3:
With my bike sans extensions and with a saddle in a more normal position I lined up for stage 3. I felt pretty good considering the racing that we'd had. The morning's results had buoyed my mood, DK was leading the race and yeah, things were tough, but seemed manageable.

Rolling out Lui and CJ took to the front, rolling steady turns together, me encamped behind them, DK behind me, and the rest of the bunch somewhere behind, not attacking. Perfect!

Things became less than perfect on the KOM where my legs completely gave way and I found myself chasing back through the convoy to get back onto the bunch. Sometime later, Rowan Dever was off the front with a couple of others for company. I organised with Liam from Satalyst to take to the front of the bunch together. They'd missed the move too and at very least needed the damage minimised. After a few turns I found my legs severely wanting, so I slipped back into the bunch, leaving Lou to take my place.

A few rolling bergs later I slipped off the back. My heart rate was under control, but I couldn't push on the pedals with enough force. I left my team mates two men down with 25km to go (CJ had had a mechanical). I wasn't impressed with myself.

By the time I got to the line I'd lost 15 or so minutes overall, and with it, any chance of keeping a top 10 on GC. My legs felt like they'd been worked over with a meat tenderiser, and tomorrow's stage is meant to be pretty hilly. Not ideal.

Strava link.

D: 89.2km
A: 955m

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