Saturday, 8 June 2013


Three Day Tour 3DT - Stage 1:
I got a good warm up on the trainer, partly because it was bloody cold in Lancefield, mostly because I was nervous and didn't want to be caught out by early attacks. I think it was this unusual level of preparation that left me feeling decent and as usual, when I feel ok I do silly things.

A few guys rolled off the front of the bunch early, I tagged along, but after a single turn each everyone sat up and we were swallowed by the bunch. As I contemplated how silly going with the first break was, two guys attacked and got a bit of a gap. When DK and some others hit into the gap I waited a moment then went after them. I looked over my shoulder before I reached them, saw we had a gap, so started letting everyone know it was time to go, as I rolled to the front and drove the pace. If I could get Dave a gap and force others to chase then great.

As we approached the original two escapees I glanced back, and instead of seeing the pink of DK's Rush kit and a mix of other riders behind him, I saw 1 figure in black. Everyone bar Chris Lee of Bike Gallery had sat up or missed my wheel or something, whatever the reason I was now in a 4 man break with a decent gap. Once I got my breath back from the chase, I started rolling turns.

Halfway around the 2nd lap of the circuit we had 3 or so minutes on the bunch, we'd agreed to let Liam from Satalyst take the KOM points, and I began thinking about how to beat him in the final sprint. Rounding into the hillier part of the final lap the bunch was suddenly back in sight and closing fast. I kept the pace going, on the off chance they would crack, to force the chasers to use up a bit more of their legs and give my team mates a sit for a little bit longer, but eventually we were swallowed up. Then the pace really went on and I had dig deep to hold onto the back of the bunch.

Eventually I got myself in order and started thinking about the sprint. In the end I went early when I sensed hesitation in the bunch, launching from around 400m out, up the right side of the road. I was flying, I was thinking about the win again... I was being passed by Shannon Johnson and 12 of his closest mates.

With KOM time bonuses I ended up with 6th on GC on the same time as DK. Alright, time to rest and think of tomorrow's two stages.

Strava data.

D: 92.6km
A:  778m

PMPW: 96kg

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