Tuesday, 25 June 2013


6am NRR:
I hoped today would start DOMS free, I went as far as being confident of it last night, given my writing style it should be obvious I was wrong in that I was greeted by the familiar dull ache in my quads at 5:10am.

Normally when my legs are heavy from weights I just munch on a big gear. Today that wasn't happening and I was truly fearful that I might not make it through. To my surprise I could spin just fine, so I tried to keep my brain engaged so I'd stay ahead of the cadence curve.

While my brain was occupied with my leg speed, I occasionally got distracted from bunch position. I'd be riding along and realise I didn't know any of the faces around me (a bad sign) then, their (lack of) riding abilities would become obvious. It was this more than anything else that got me to the front and rolling turns during the ride.
For the sprint I lined up Pauly from Eastbourne to come off my wheel. Due to lights at Glen Huntly it was a standing start, but I felt ok, dropping him off just shy of 60km/h after 30 seconds of more than 1,000W.

Strava link.

D: 46.2km
A: 200m


D: 17.4km
A: 95m

PMPW: 96kg

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