Saturday, 1 June 2013


Fred Icke Handicap:
I had a mixed day, but overall, I'm feeling good about it. Yep even the bit where we ate dirty bird after the race.

I got a 15 or so minute warm up, and it was possibly all that saved me from ending my day in the first few kms. The course started straight into a long climb and cresting the top I was a metre off the back of my bunch. It took a little bit after that to get the confidence that I was riding with the right level of guys, but every turn made a case for it. By the time we were rounding the back of the course, I was feeling like one of the strongest. I like that feeling.

The feeling I don't like is when an issue other than my legs curtails my day. The magnet from my power meter jumped ship from beneath my bottom bracket and took up residence with the jokey wheels of my rear dérailleur. I stopped and got it out fairly quickly, giving chase after my bunch, but I couldn't quite catch them.

So I sat up and waited for the combined force of scratch and the chopping block. Once swallowed I pulled turns, feeling good, and being happy to help DK get closer to the out markers. As we rounded for the 2nd of the 3 laps and into the hill I realised I wasn't in Kansas any more. By halfway up the climb my computer was reading a heart rate 10 beats over threshold. I gave my pedals all I could, but eventually I slipped out of contact.

From there I rode with another guy for a while, having a chat about this and that before it struck me. I was there to train. I had paid money to hurt. I was meant to be riding hard. I told my companion I was going to ride hard and he was welcome to catch a ride. So that's what I did. I set myself a solid E3 tempo for most of a lap, slowing slightly any time I caught someone to ensure they could get on, then getting back to the job at hand.

I rolled off the course, got changed and waited for the results. The race finished with a couple of guys from limit beating the hard charging scratch riders by a few hundred metres. DK secure in the bunch after failing to get clear in the last few kms.

I've now had two races where my legs have felt ok. That said, I'm not convinced I'm going to have a great time at 3 day tour, there are definitely stronger riders than me getting about.

Strava link.

D: 88.8km
A: 291m

PMPW: 93kg

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