Sunday, 5 May 2013


St Kilda East - 1:20 - The Wall - Reynolds - St Kilda East:
This ride was with the Bak Pocket guys, and after I stuffed up the meeting place and had to chase on it was good fun. For a while I even thought I might be able to take control of the route with DK and point everyone up some of the kickers in Park Orchards, but it was not to be. The consensus was an ascent of the 1 in 20 and one of The Wall.

Into the the 1:20 DK kicked a little, I missed the wheels and found myself sitting in 5th with a gap to the guys up front. I told Pippa to get on my wheel then went about trying to settle into a solid tempo, hoping that their pace would drop and I'd roll up on to a wheel. DK went off the front, but still I wasn't making ground on the others, still I'd ridden Pip off my wheel so I kept plugging away, eventually chasing one rider down to set a PB. It still felt a little hollow, I was a fair way off the pace of others.

The Wall went a bit better, I once again set most of my own pace, but this time I chased down Dave Sewell and DK (who looked to just be keeping Sewell company), rode past and set another PB. This one felt good, despite what felt like a small tear at the top of my right calf.

This is where things got interesting, most of the riders turned for home, but a DK, Pip and another went north to get some extras along Old Warrandyte and Reynolds roads. DK and I on the front setting the pace... but something was different... DK seemed to be slowing up and showing strain at the top of each pinch. So I did what any mate would do, I drove the pace on on every hill until he eventually cracked going up both Burgundy St and the Cutting. YES! Serves the little shit right for doing sneaky extras without me yesterday!

Strava link.

D: 132.9km
A: 2,023m


D: 11.2km
A: 196m

PMPW: 95kg


Lee Turner said...

Aboc, just because I ride a Giant doesn't mean you cant invite to some of these rides brother.

neil said...

This one wasn't my ride Leeroy, I was merely an interloper.

Besides, aren't you about to take some time off the bike?