Saturday, 4 May 2013


St Kilda East - Mt Pleasant - Morilla - Pigeon Bank - St Kilda East:
I was a little nervous going for a ride with DK, I was directing us to roads I knew well, but I also knew too well just how big and strong his legs are.

We'd gotten into the guts of the ride, and my nerves were mixed. I'd done ok on the really steep climbs of Morilla and Pigeon Bank, but we were heading to the longer climbs of Dawsons and Clintons roads... then Dave's wheel died and we had to turn for home.

It feels like a drawn grand final, the result is up in the air and the level of suspense is not only elevated, but prolonged for another week (or two).

Strava link.

D: 91.5km
A: 1,513m

PMPW: 93kg

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