Sunday, 12 May 2013


St Kilda East - Mt Pleasant - Mittons Bridge - Flat Rock - St Kilda East:
I met up with a few of Pippa's mates, including Nath Heaney and Jase from last week, for a roll north into the head wind then easy home.

My legs felt crappy, but I sat on the front and played games with a guy named Angus when we got to Mt Pleasant. When I got my legs set on a hill I felt ok, but that took a minute or so, and leading up to that point everything felt horrible. When it became obvious they all wanted to do the main Kinglake climb I abandoned ship. It was mostly because I just wanted to get my tired legs home, but I admit there was an element of dislike for the Kinglake climb.

I hucked a left at Mittons Bridge and headed into Arthurs Creek and my favourite little apple orchard.



As I rolled back towards Hurstbridge, now a couple of apples heavier, A couple of HCC guys rolled past, so I jumped on the back to get a free tow and some company back to the city.

Strava link.

D: 115.1km
A: 1,855m

ABOC Sprint:
1 x 1/4 lap Power jump @ 82"
1 x Flying 100m @ 82"
2 x 1/4 lap Power jumps @ 104" (15km/h)
1 x 1/2 lap Seated power jump @ 104" (15km/h)
2 x 1/4 lap Power jumps @ 102" (15km/h)
1 x 1/2 lap Seated power jump @ 102" (15km/h)
2 x 1/2 lap Seated power jumps @ 100" (20km/h)
1 x 1/2 lap Power jump @ 98" (20km/h)

I obviously wasn't at full physical form, but I felt I was lacking a little mentally too. I'm not convinced any of my efforts were everything, though they weren't crystal cranking either.

PMPW: 92kg

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