Saturday, 11 May 2013


CCCC Phillip Island GP Teams Race:
DK is in Perth, Bing is in Alice Springs and Skinny is off in Echuca. In short, we were missing some strong boys.

I helped out our designated sprinter Dean when I could, getting myself in front of him when I spotted him sticking his nose out the side of the bunch into the wind. I wasn't sure how much use I'd be as the race went on, ToSW gave my confidence a bit of a beating, so I mostly concentrated on myself. Keeping hidden, taking cheap places, staying upright and avoiding the numerous crashes.

At 5 laps to go, after all the breaks had been shut down, I was confident it was going to come to a sprint and that made me excited. In fact the sprint couldn't come soon enough, the gels I'd had were coursing through my veins and I was ready to tear legs off. Sadly I think it was too much too soon, as the last few laps took the edge off me.

A conversation with Craig revealed the race was taking its toll on Dean, I was given the nod to do what I could in the sprint, and I was kind of excited about that. I worked the bunch in the closing laps, getting myself into good position as we rounded into the last sweeper. Trains started to come up and around, riders chopped in, and I lost my will to win... well it was more of a will to place. Anyway the earlier crashes were still fresh in my mind. The data shows I baulked my sprint 4 times, and still managed to top out over 72km/h. The results say that was good enough for 13th.

I'm happy about that, though I was definitely good enough for a top ten, and was hopeful of sneaking a podium. I'll console myself with a bit of strava silliness, fastest lap of the day.

Strava link.

D: 115.3km
A: 909m

CE: 1

PMPW: 95kg

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