Sunday, 28 April 2013


ToSW Stage 3 - Crit:
The track was wet when we rocked up to watch the end of the masters races, the remnants of yesterday's wind were blowing across the track and fixing that problem. Sadly the wind couldn't work fast enough to sort out the other major issue, the hill that started on the start finish straight, and then kicked straight after the first turn.

I pre-rode the course a couple of times, the hill reminding me of something from an Ardennes classic, short and punchy. I hoped to keep my arse planted on my saddle, to spin my way up as long as possible, leaving some strength in the bank for later in the race. On the very first lap I had to stand up and smack the pedals to keep up with the bunch.

The next dozen or so laps followed a formula, I would take 4-8 positions on the hill, ease off on the top while I searched for a wheel to draught off of, and then lose a couple of places on the way back to the start line. Despite the constant moving up, I was always on the back, always fighting to get a better sit, and always going deeper and deeper into my reserve of strength.

Eventually I rounded turn 1, and gave up. My legs and tour were done.

I knew going in that this was going to be a testing ground for my fitness, that I wasn't at full race pace and would likely suffer. Coming out of the race, having been bugger all help to DK, I'm feeling disappointed, and very tired. On a positive note it was good to live and race with almost a full strength team, it's bonds formed at times like these that (will) make me willing to bury myself for them.


Lee Turner said...

After reading all that I feel stressed and also relieved that I didnt do it. It sounded horrible mate.

neil said...

it wasn't all rainbows and giggles, but hopefully it's positive in the long term.