Saturday, 27 April 2013


ToSW Stage 1 - Road Race:
It's odd, I'm comfortable at the Warny, but a regular A grade race scares the piss out of me (3 nervous wees), especially given this was the first time I'd lined up with the big boys for an open scratchie.

I knew the race would be tough, there were plenty of NRS boys standing around the grass area we were marshalled in before the race. I knew the really (really) strong cross winds would play a factor in the race. I knew the pace would likely be on from the start. Despite all that, I wasn't prepared for what happened first.

I lined up at the back, and waited patiently for my time to file out of the gate from the footy oval and onto the course proper. As my deep sectioned front wheel touched tarmac I looked up, and it was then I knew how bad this day was going to be for my legs. The pace car was already cranking away from the lead riders,  300 odd metres up the road. I had only just got onto the course and I was already off the back.

At the time I was calm, almost fatalistic, and set about making up as much ground as I could in as little time as possible. Now, thinking back, I get angrier and angrier. There was meant to be a neutral zone.

I never caught the back of the 2nd echelon on the road, instead I spent the 6 lap race with 6 or so other riders, pushing through the cross and head winds, and resting with the tail wind.

Around halfway through the first lap I found Wilko and yelled at him to get aboard. It was he who convinced me to finish the distance rather than pulling out after just one lap. Thanks mate.

I think the wind needs to be re-mentioned. There were times when my bike felt like it was about to be flicked out from under me due to extra strong gusts. There were times when the steady wind pushed one of my nostrils completely closed.

I don't have any data about the ride as I left my GPS in Melbourne. I can't even say how far back I was from the leaders as it seems the organisers have given everyone (including those that DNF'd) the same time as the main (2nd) bunch. This almost makes me angrier than the lack of a neutral zone. Shit happens, I dealt with it, and now I'm on the same time as blokes that didn't slog it out in the dehydrating winds.

ToSW Stage 2 - ITT:
I planned to tap this one through, but with a disc wheel in the back of my road bike, I ended up trying to set steady tempo without any data. The time didn't shatter worlds, but it was kind of fun. Obviously by kind of, i mean it sucked, but it was a nice mental change to deal with myself rather than others.


Dan Wilkins said...

Great to ride with you again mate.
Hard day out...and at least you got to start the Crit!

neil said...

again? when was the last time you came out for a roll? ;)