Sunday, 21 April 2013


CCCC Crit (Glenvale) & Extras:
I wanted to back up yesterday, but the thought of a solo mission to Mt Dandenong didn't fill me with any sense of joy. Then Bones suggested going to Glenvale to race. It's been a while... close on 2 years since I've raced at Glenvale. Due to my efforts at the start of 2011 I'd be in A-grade, and that seemed kinda scary, but on the plus side, it was a fantastic excuse to put fast wheels in my bike.

Bones and I met up and set out down Dandenong road, I had a pair of caffeine gels in my back pocket to help combat the fatigue in my legs. I didnt really have a plan for the race, or maybe I did, but it was "suck it and see".

Lining up for the briefing we were told by the Comms that there was going to be a Truck entering the course at some point and teh race would be halted and re-started (with any gaps re-established) afterwards. To me this meant that the start of the race would be fast as guys tried to get into a break, knowing that tired legs would get a breather partway through and thus increase the odds of it staying away.

Sure enough things went into the gutter from the gun and a few guys got clear a few laps later. I went with another guy to try and get accross, but despite a strong pull by him, and a strong pull by me we were chased down by the bunch. While I sat in the bunch recomposing myself, more guys jumped clear. 25 mintues into the race, and no sign of the truck, the pace went out of the bunch and the time gaps being yelled from the sidelines surged upwards. By the time the truck came around 45 minutes in we were doomed, and were pulled from the course a lap or two later to watch the end from the footpath.

It's never nice to give up 17 bucks and not finish, but given my lack of aims in the race I can't really call it a failure. I sucked it, and I saw that I need to take my destiny into my own hands. That's not really a revelation, more of a confirmation that I can and should race Glenvale again, and be more affirmative in my actions.

Post race I went south with Bones along Springvale rd. It's not a great route, but the company of a few others and a lovely tail wind meant it was over soon enough.

Strava link.

D: 101.1km
A: 498m

PMPW: 93kg

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