Wednesday, 17 April 2013


NRR Long:
The pace down was lovely, two up, chatting, except for the poor bloke who was left on the front from Mordi to Frankston.

Anyway, the hills are the pedal strokes I was there for, so that's where I'm going to put my key strokes. There were a few riders that worried me, as I don't feel super fit/fast at the moment.  Bing, Bensley, and Miranda have all been in decent form, especially in hilly races and the bunch always has a few I don't know that surprise me with their speed.

I decided to ride conservatively, to pay attention to any bouts of over eagerness, and most of all just sit on wheels until Canadian Bay where I'd resort to praying to non existent deities.

Halfway up Canadian I was in about 5th wheel, my heart trying to burst through my rips like the alien from Ridley Scott's breakout movie, my legs burning hotter with every pedal revolution. I threw quick glance back to see who was on my wheel, then took a long second look to confirm I'd seen right. There was a gap, I was not just with the leaders, but they were going fast enough to drop riders and create gaps.

As we approached the 2nd kicker, the one to the top I went through my standard process. Think about getting out of the saddle and smacking it. Think about how much my legs hurt and how shit that smacking will be. Ignore my brain and just get out of the saddle and get the job done. Bing had kicked away a metre or two and I'd gone around Cummo who'd been holding 4th wheel, and was doing the same to the other two. In a split second I decided to try and get Bing clear on the descent. I kicked harder again to ensure no one was on my wheel as I rolled down to the first right hander and onto Bing's wheel. Then, I turned myself into a sweating, snotty version of myself all the way through to the first speed bump of Two Bays where I promptly exploded and watched as every single rider in the bunch went past me.

That sequence, from the bottom of Canadian Bay to the bottom of Two Bays has made me happy. I felt like I had an influence on the ride. I feel like I'm making progress back to the speed and fitness I expect from myself.

Strava link.

D: 94.9km
A: 522m


D: 7.2km
A: 122m
PMPW: 92kg

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