Friday, 12 April 2013


CX Shenanigans:
The closer we get to cross season, the less riders there are for a weekly cyclocross ride... odd.

With a short macchiatto fuelled and warmed me until I routed Skinny and I to some punchy climbs. I really wasn't trying to make it a climby affair, but it still eneded up that way, and necessitated more coffee and a second breakfast.

With just over a month to Dirty Deeds prologue I should probably start working on my short comings, getting off and back on the bike smoothly and quickly. I suuuck at dismounts, and any excuse to go down the rabbit hole of youtube videos must be embraced.

Strava link.

D: 44.0km
A: 421m


D: 8.8km
A: 256m

PMPW: 93kg

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