Saturday, 9 March 2013


Hell Ride:
I was kind of nervous about doing the Helly, I knew there would be times when my top end would be pushed, and that's just the thing that gets hammered by a lack of blood.

The pace down was hilariously fast, a slight tail wind had us rolling along at 52-53km/h and pushing up to the mid/high 50s at times. I didn't want to play the pushing air game, not at those speeds, no sir, no way.

I got myself into a decent position before Oliversand hit out after the front runners, clearing the crest and onto the false flat in around 6th, with a few metres gap to guys like Will Walker. I tried to dig and bridge up, but I was already red lining, and had to slide backwards, looking across as riders went around, hoping, praying that someone might lend a hand. Eventually Smythy rolled through with a hand to the arse. I got stretched again on the next couple of rollers, eventually blowing on the roll up to Canadian Bay Rd and coming through dead last for the turn to Mt Eliza.

The pace back was a bit nicer, the headwind taking the sting out of riders legs, and eventually we dropped from 50km/h back down to mid/low 40s. The damage was done, halfway up Ricketts I had to concede that I would have zero influence on the sprint and it was perhaps time to consider where my post ride flat whites would come from.

PMPW: 94kg

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