Saturday, 2 March 2013


Rush Shop Ride:
I was half convinced by Skinny to go out to Mt Donna Buang with DK and Bing for a couple of repeats. A massive day, especially sans oxygen carrying red blood cells, but Skinny said we'd cruise it together. Then, last night in a flurry of sms to organise details Skinny bailed, his ribs had taken a harder hit than he thought in yesterday's crash. This left me in a limbo of indecision. Go on the ride up the big hill with the really fast mates, or find something else to do. The latter won out fairly easily. Sleep in and ride easy makes for a pretty convincing argument.

I rode the front of the group as we headed Southbound, but I wasn't feeling great, one of the guys I spent time with opened me up on each of the rollers. 32km/h on the flat and 35km/h up the hill? Yeah that resulted in a fat finger inserted into a jersey pocket and a gentle "settle tiger!".

For the return leg I volunteered to ride gatekeeper for the second, slightly slower group. My legs ticked over while my vocal chords got a workout "yep. yep. pete. yep yep yep!!"

Being part of the shop team is not too bad. There's the sense of belonging you get as a member of a group, but right now, while my mates are off doing hard training, the biggest benefit is the cafe right in store!

PMPW: 94kg

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