Saturday, 16 March 2013


Rush PreLoop and Shop ride:
Competing desires to do the shop ride and more kms than the shop ride saw me set an alarm for fairly early o'clock so I could get the preloop done before the shop ride propper. The pace is fairly cruisy until I decided that people talking on hills was a terrible terrible insult and must be stopped in the only sensible way available. Go faster.

The shop ride itself was a bit of fun, Jake, Skinny and I went up the road through Mentone, leaving everyone else to chase us down around all the other shop rides that were out there. Our trio ended up working with some boys in On The Rivet kit, I assumed they were a new Melbourne store, but google suggests they were out of towners. We were eventually caught by some hardy Rush riders, and somewhere along the way Skinny called Chris Hoy a wanker (not knowing it was him) for not wearing a helmet.

I'm sad I missed a chance to say hello to Sir Hoy, but after the ride and a coffee were done I found out that one of my childhood cycling idols, Shane Kelly, was working at the shop. In a quiet moment I sidled about carbon knuckled gloves and Keirin racing in Japan.

PMPW: 94kg

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