Monday, 11 March 2013


Moe, Mt Baw Baw, Mt Dandenong, St Kilda East:
Where to start on this epic ride? Well, the ride started in Moe, but you know what I mean. What details do you pick out of a ride with almost 10 hours of pedalling time?

For me this was about a few things. Riding a mountain I'd never ridden (Mt Baw Baw) and doing a ride that would be so long, and with so much climbing I'd get to explore my mental and physical limits.

I'm stoked that I chose to ride the whole way home and how my legs felt in those last 80km. I kept putting the food and drink in and my legs kept pushing the pedals around. Simply put, it was a demonstration of "getting shit done".

The back road up Baw Baw was a dirty affair, featuring 5 front pinch flats from the descents down loose gravel that were spotted along the way. Eventually though we got to the main road, and hit the climb proper. A devilish bit of road that had Straussy get dropped by a butterfly while he struggled to keep his speed above the minimum auto stop speed of his Garmin.




We stuck together until the back of Hoddles Creek where finally the pressure of keeping a group of riders in mixed states of fatigue and with various time constraints together finally came to a head. Most were heading to the nearest train station, Straussy and I continued on, aiming for one a bit further on... but prepared to playing it by ear.


As we got towards Ferntree Gully and places and roads became familiar I started to feel a strong determination build within me. I wanted to finish this ride. I wanted to get all the way back to my place under my own steam, and the train option could go jump. With a bit of icecream, and a giant nectarine Straussy was revived enough buy into the stupidity. So, as a tired and dusty pair we rode towards the setting sun and home.

Tomorrow is going to be an interesting day, there may not be enough coffee to get me through.

PMPW: 95kg


Dan Wilkins said...

the most epic of epicness....

neil said...

yeah, not a bad way to celebrate the 8 hour working day.