Sunday, 24 February 2013


St Kilda East - Mt Pleasant - Stony Creek - Pigeon Bank - Port Melbourne:
Steve had some time free, I had some time free and riding bikes is free*! It was like the worlds were aligning, although I didn't see Milla Jovovich running around in an outfit made from orange seatbelts.

The sun was glowing low on the horizon as we rolled out past Eltham to the short punchy roads we bypassed yesterday. As we turned into the narrow roads that cars avoid, we rode two up, chatting about work, bikes and coffee.


Steve was hammered after a long few weeks at work, so after cajolling him into doing Pigeon Bank rd we turned towards a Brunswick St coffee and home.


SKCC Crit:
I parted ways with Steve at the west end of the city and snuck south to watch the end of the SKCC Crits, only to arrive and see that A grade hadn't yet started. It seemed like a fun idea to go ride with my mates, so I exchanged $15 for a race number with Julie.

I figured the previous 80km meant my legs were warm and attacked as soon as the race went live. We had a few off the front, but other than Ferg, no one seemed willing to roll through hard and clean. As we drifted back to the bunch a lap later DK came flying past. The next half hour or so was attack after attack. It was obvious that Will Walker was strong, he and Johnny were shutting down anything that didn't involve their red clad arses. Eventually a break with Will in it was finally given a bit of room to work with. We had two riders along for the ride, but DK was back with me in the main bunch. I gave him a lap to help get across (that ended up being useless as I'd burnt him off my wheel) and pulled out to grab a can of cold coke and to watch Will demonstrate why he has the green and gold bands of an ex aussie champ on his kit.

PMPW: 93kg

* not counting the cost of inevitable mid/post ride cafe stops.

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