Saturday, 23 February 2013


St Kilda East - Yarra Glen - Healesville - Kinglake - St Kilda East:
Before I cracked the sads I clicked on a little Strava challenge called "Quarq Power Trip", though it had nothing to do with power, and all to do with clocking up 100 miles in a single ride.

So to the hills with friends old and new I went on my bicycle, for an adventure that involved the timely demise of a carrot cake in Yarra Glen and quite a few giggles.


There was a point, shortly before the carrot cake was purchased, where I was standing in the servo at Yarra Glen, re-filling my bottles after the punchy roads of Warrandyte, across from me was a dude on a motorbike. We each smiled and nodded at the other, I commented "nice day for it eh?". He smiled, nodded again then went on to say he thought it a little cold. As the words registered in my brain a change happened, I lost some of my long held romanticism about motor bike riding. It no longer seemed that it was a fast way to get the same views and the same benefits, but without the effort, no, I realised that the effort was part of why I love riding a bike in the hills. I was warm in bibs and a jersey, I appreciated all the little roads, all the nasty rises and every pedal stroke that had gotten me to that spot.


The group was almost half and half of Rush and Gallery riders, with early results putting rush (through me) firmly in the hot seat for the inevitable tuck and roll downhill challenges, but the question of who would come out on top when it came to climbing (haha, punny) had to wait until we hit Chum Creek Rd. To be honest, I'm still not sure who won, I pulled the chute a km or two from the top when my HR read 10 beats over threshold.


Due to the afore mentioned Strava challenge, I went against my "no looking at the datas!!" mandate, and uploaded my GPS file to the internet. I was surprised to see that I got up Chum Creek faster than last time. Last time being when I felt like I was flying and managed to hold onto DK the whole way up. Anyway, whatever whatever, those are thoughts for when I train, and right now is not about training, it's about Operation Putallthefoodinmyface.

PMPW: 94kg