Saturday, 16 February 2013


Rush Shop Ride:
I chose to do the shop ride to minimise the damage I might do to my legs in a fit of excitement before tomorrow's TTT and Crit. It's shorter than the Hell Ride and has controlled speed to Mordi.

I ended up at the front for that downward leg, having a chat to Jacob, one of the guys that used to ride Fatties with me. We held it at 33km/h through the still morning air until just south of Mentone I kicked to start the sprint to Mordi. It felt good to drive on the pedals, but I'd miss judged how far out we were and had to let Jacob go solo from 500m out.

On the way back I was again on the front, holding a steady 33km/h while chatting to Jake Sutherland. We were caught and passed by a storming Hell Ride as we came into Rickets Point, then re-passed them after Black Rock. Our bunch got chopped up and muddled with the larger Hell Ride, meanwhile DK was heading off the front in a solo move that took 4 of us to chase down. The shenanigans continued through to St Kilda before a regroup and a roll home.

Ok, so maybe not a perfect taper, but probably a lot better than what I could have done to myself.

Strava link.

D: 71.4km
A: 306m

PMPW: 94kg

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