Thursday, 14 February 2013


I woke up feeling pretty bloody shattered. I got myself to the toilet, closed the door to ensure my flatmate didn't get woken by the reverberating sounds, and did a poo. Just in case you were wondering, it was a pretty good poo, but it wasn't good enough to temper the shattered feeling. Post poo, I went back to my room, set an alarm for an hour later and went back to bed.

That was almost the end of the story for today's training, but a comment Dave made yesterday while I was dripping sweat and shaking at the end of the ride,  niggled at me. "Thank me next week"

So moments later, I got up, turned off the bonus alarm and got myself dressed and out the door (it's important to mention the dressing, nakey TTing is not aero). I arrived in time to see the 5:45 bunch roll out, My plan was to set my own pace, so I gave them a few minutes then headed out into the poorly lit morning.

Somewhere along the highway, at some lights, the Artisan boys caught me and I started using them as pacers. I sat a few metres off the back, they rolled turns and kept me honest. Just before the turn at Mordi Leigh Schilling joined me off the back. As far as training sessions go, it was solid, more of what I'd had the last couple of days, meaning I was in need of many coffees (3) before work.

I was happy with where I'd got the position to. I spent almost the entirety of the ride in an aero tuck, which meant by the end of the ride my stem was splattered white with sweat and drool.

Strava link.

D: 47.2km
A: 212m

On my ride home I had a heap of time to think. I took the direct route, but ghosting my CX bike down St Kilda Rd while riding a fixed wheel bike.... well it took a while.

Anyway that additional time to think, I spent a lot of it thinking "I'm a bloody idiot". It had nothing to do with TAC ads, and surprisingly it had nothing to do with the knobby tyres humming along next to me. No, it turns out I completely stuffed up the date of the Vic Masters Track Champs. It's this weekend (16/17), not next weekend (23/24). Even though it would leave me with shitty legs for the TT on Sunday I called up and inquired about a late entry... no go. I am an idiot.

D: 15.7km
A: 184m

PMPW: 93kg

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