Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Alright, North Road, David Kelly, TT bikes, hurt box, kabooom, lots of coffee needed.

Those are the things the same as yesterday, the things that were different were.... um.... we rode two up behind the bunch on the way down the highway.

I had adjusted the armrests which made staying in a tuck more comfortable, not whole ride in a tuck comfortable, but a better than yesterday. I think there's a bit of adjustment needed to the seat height too, when playing the old tip of the saddle game, I lose a bunch of height and decrease the angle to the BB (and thus effective saddle height).

When we got to the golden mile, DK and I decided to past the bunch and wind them up way early for the sprint. I kicked off the line, at a moderate pace, believing I'd do the first turn and then let DK run wild to the end. Instead DK rolled straight over me and tore me apart. As I went backwards up the road, it was a marginal solice to see that the bunch had been split in not 2, but 3 pieces.

2 coffees.

Strava link.

D: 46.2km
A: 182m

Rolled over to the Kew boulevard to check out the HCC crit. The new surface looked good... right up until I saw how fast the a-grade boys were riding on it. From that moment on it looked owie. I'll do a week of arvo riding soon and see if I can hang on for the full time.

D: 27.4km
A: 223m

PMPW: 92kg

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