Saturday, 26 January 2013


Hell Ride:
I was a bit of a zombie from the time I got up until about 15 minutes after the bunch rolled out of Black Rock. I should note that I don't take credit for the change, that needs to go to the coffee I hurriedly shoved into my slack mouth within sight of the clock tower.

I kept myself forward in the bunch, there was a bit of a cross headwind and the thought of having to chase the bunch down if I got split at lights was horrible, more horrible than throwing in the occasional turn.

When we got to Frankston there was palpable nerves, riders looking at Jez Hunt and Baden Cooke wondering how much the next few hills would hurt. For a few moments, the ones where I was concentrating on getting cleanly into Hopes Rise, I forgot about the pros who'd been lurking near by. When finally I got clear of those that shouldnt have been at the front, I was surprised to see it was basically the two big boys, then me. Like last week I worked on a steady tempo across the top and was able to make contact (because Cookie sat up) before we started down the other side. I hit the last hill a bit early, driving the pace for as long as I could, then doing my best to get the legs working after the ensuing implosion.

The rest of the ride was fairly easy for me, sit in, have a chat when it was two up. I wasn't in any shape or position for the sprint so sat up. In hindsight that was ideal, it meant I had some legs to jump in with the Rush shop ride as it re-passed us.

Strava link.

D: 110.7km
A: 510m

PMPW: 93kg

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