Tuesday, 22 January 2013


6am NRR:
I worked a little on the way south to get my legs warmed up for my favourite Black Rock/Sandi hill. I started to move up leading into rickets, then when a few guys attacked Tom Leaper I rolled over him and dragged everyone back up to their wheels. This meant I was near the front as we entered the Black Rock roundabout, and as guys rolled off turns it meant I was on the front while the road was still flat. No matter, my effort would begin early.

I found a groove, and tried to keep things consistent on the power front. By the time we hit the start of the false flat top I was well into the 180-185bpm range, I felt Tom coming over me and fought to keep my wheel in front of his. I lasted a dozen or so metres before I slipped backwards, a friendly hand in the back being the only thing that kept me from going out the arse.

The roll through Sandi, Brighton and Elwood was a suffer fest for me. I struggled to feel recovered from my effort, and could feel that every ounce of sprint had gone from my legs. There was no way I could come off a wheel at speed. I seriously considered dropping the wheel on the tiny rise just before Glen Huntly Rd... then the lights went red and I rolled straight to the front to get another effort.

On the green I launched and tried to ride everyone off my wheel, once again I almost held it all the way, once again it was tom leaper who came over the top of me.


Strava link.

D: 45.8km
A: 223m

After a day of grazing on all the food I could find I was keen for an easy roll home in the afternoon warmth. Well... that was right up until a bloke on an electric assisted pushy rolled past. Then I spent all of St Kilda Rd ripping it off lights to try and get his wheel. The data says I put out a higher 1sec max power in those 7.5km than I did on the 46 this morning.

Super spent.

D: 17.4km
A: 123m

PMPW: 91kg

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