Sunday, 20 January 2013


SKCC Crits:
I got few extras marshalling the fine folk in D Grade for 45 minutes with DK and Skinny. Yep Skinny is back on the bike, starting the journey to discover where the crash and subsequent time off has left him. The blighters (the racers) were feisty with a heap of attacks going up the road and being chased down. In the end Pete Canny sprinted for a win, that judging by his woops and yells meant a lot to him.

Warmup done it was time to line up for my race. Rush didn't t have a sprinter in the race, and our strongest rider (DK) was either flying or was spent after winning Coburg yesterday. I decided to assume the former, letting Dave know that my legs were there for his use. If he wanted a flyer to get off the front, I was ready and willing.

It was actually a little liberating without a sprinter in tow, I chased down an early break of 15 that didn't contain a pink jersey. Then later I jumped across to another with DK and smacked a lap to try and keep it and Dave clear. That latter one failed, Dave took off solo as it started to come back, but after a half dozen laps he was back in the fold.

In the end it was looking like a bunch kick was immanent so Jake suggested we go treat 3 laps to go as if it was 1 or 2 laps to go. Smack it hard on the front and launch Dave at a long range run to the line. Though Dave ended up winning the race, not everything went 100% to plan. We had 2 instead of 3 in our train (Craig was out of position),  Dave got chopped off my wheel, pushed back to around 8th by the time I finished unloading what I had into the pedals (not quite getting as far around the course as hoped). From what I hear we caused a gap that Rico had to get his team to cover, then when I came off the front with just over a lap to go there was confusion as the impetuous momentarily lapsed. That was the moment Dave hit it.

The happiness of seeing Pete win D Grade wasn't close to the joy of being part of Dave's win. I'm looking forward to being able to deliver more and hopefully help this more results happen.

Strava link.

D: 103.4km
A: 123m

PMPW: 92kg

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