Saturday, 8 December 2012


Total Rush Ride:
Waking to the strong flavour of last nights souvlaki, I was glad that the shop ride rolls south fairly slow, you know... a chance for excess beer to seep out of the folds of my brain before the "fun times" began.

What fun times they were! The shop's looking to fill a team at the Herald Sun Tour, so a few irregulars were in attendance. I was one of the 10 left standing in Mordi, waiting in an air that smelt a lot like a handicap. Everyone else was already rolling for home like the rabbits they were.

We set off, getting up to speed and organising ourselves into a couple of pace lines. The turns were as solid as the legs that surrounded me, a few who were feeling the hurt left the gas open a little longer than necessary, but mostly it was smooth into the strengthening northerly. Each little bunch we caught and released was a challenge, you had to quickly identify how much of a risk they were. Low risk groups could be passed close, keeping our wheels cleanly in the left lane. Riders with flapping jerseys or those who got pushed around by the gusts of wind were given a wider berth, singling out our multihued bunch.

I recall a few years back commenting here about the pride I had at rolling hard turns with Tom Leaper, it was a Hell Ride that got shattered in the wind and all that was left was Hayden Kerr, Tommy, myself and one other. It was a tough day in the saddle, but riding with a guy like Tom made me feel like a true racer. That feeling still stands, Tom was in our group again today and slotting between him and NRS riders left me feeling proud.

Strava link.

D: 72.3km
A: 331m

PMPW: 92kg

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