Tuesday, 4 December 2012



D: 9.6km
A: 159m

Mario's Xmas Ride:
I joked with others in the carpark that the last time I rode my MTB was last year at this very same ride. I noticed that 26" hardtails were now very much in the minority, and even 26" dualies were becoming rare, something I tried hard not to think too much about as I rolled out sans spare tube.

What followed was a a bit over 2 hours of single track shenanigans. I use the term shenanigans a lot, but it just feels right. 24 odd blokes and 2 even girls, ripping trails close to our hearts, in fact many on the ride were responsible for their existence. I soon found I still had a reasonable bunny hop rhythm, and legs strong enough to compensate for poor climbing technique... but what I lacked was the flow.I oft found myself corning like a roadie on his first fat tyres. Bike leant over, but body upright and stiff.

As the light dwindled, the shit talk got louder, and my confidence grew. By the end I was 4th wheel behind Benny, Sam Chancellor and Rohin. I tried to think about the old addage "slow is smooth, smooth is fast", in reality it was more like "ok ok ok, turn..... NOW.... shitshitshitshit too wideshutuupandPEDAL!!!!!".

The grin I had on my face as we rolled back to the cars was for a multitude of reasons. I'd just won the sprint, and burgers were immanent... but more so that I'd hung out with a group of guys I barely see any more, and had a ripping time. Moments like when Rohin brake checked me mid trail, sending me into a one footed endo reminded me why I hate and love these people. Buncha jerks!

Over burgers, Craig Peacock pulled out his Leadville 100 mile belt buckle... the big one you get for finishing sub 9 hours. It's ridiculously oversized. It's obscene! I think I want one of my own.

Strava link.

D: 29.7km
A: 834m

PMPW: 90kg

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