Saturday, 29 December 2012


Hell Ride & Airlie st repeats:
Sneaking a few tiny extras before the Helly I bumped into Jez Hunt and got chatting as we rolled to a pre Hell Ride coffee in Black Rock. Mostly it was the standard stuff like Christmas and how good my legs look, but one comment stood out. He thinks likes NRR is a decent little hitout. I know I think it's a good way to get an hour of intensity in before work, but hearing an (ex) pro say it is kinda cool.

The legs felt good with the tailwind, so I tested them by rolling to the front of the big bunch and found even when hitting turns they were ok, so I kept doing that. It kept me out of trouble and got some good time in the box. Around Seaford, during one of the periods where I'd slipped back into the fold, I found myself next to Bing, and plotted to give launch him up Olivers so he could give some boys hell over the next few. I sat on wheels for as long as I could, staying out of the wind, but eventually it became excruciating to wait on the slow wheels and I hit out early and once on the service road, smacked it.  setting a new power PR for XX seconds through to XX seconds before letting him and King fly clear of the bunch. Blown, I still made it over the top in 3rd, and waited for the main bunch to catch me instead of trying to follow the guys in the gap.

After a little work on the way back I was too far back to lead out the sprint, or go for it myself, I had to content myself with the effort on Oliver's.

The next lot of extras came in the way of 6 repeats up a sneaky hill near punt road. A work mate had told me about, he used to do repeats of it back in his elite running days. The plan was only 5, but given I accidentally stopped my GPS instead of hitting lap, I did an extra to ensure I could prove 5 with logs. What the logs cant prove, but I assure you happened, was that the last rep was done seated in the big ring.

To make a loop back down to the start I had to climb a bit of the cobbled alley 20m over, cruel treatment for spent legs.

Strava link.

D: 112.6km
A: 616m

PMPW: 94kg

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