Thursday, 27 December 2012


NRR and Mt Dandenong:
With a gorgeous day beckoning, some bonus extras were in order. I messaged DK and a plan was set. NRR followed by Mt Dandenong.

Dave turned up to Northy on his TT bike, and to be honest, I fair poo'd myself at the thought of trying to hold on to him rampaging on the front in a super aero tuck. Early on that's exactly what happened, and I hid as best I could. Once his enthusiasm died down, the thought of the nongs with him and possibly Tom Leaper as well, well... that kept me hidden in the bunch to save what legs I could. There was an exception to that though, not surprisingly the sprint finish. I timed the red lights at Glen Huntly to hit the bunch perfectly with Lachy camped perfectly on my wheel. I poured myself into the pedals, holding on to the power for as long as possible, getting him and Ray up to 57km/h and setting some new power PBs for 17 to 35 seconds.

A quick coffee and we headed out to the back of Mt Dandenong, to climb up to The Patch and then over to the wall. The pace wasn't too hard, until we hit the wall where Dave put the power down  and I did my best to limit the time loss. Looking at the data I could have gone a lot harder, though at the time it felt like I was doing a good job.


Strava link.

D: 154.5km
A: 1,821m

PMPW: 94kg

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