Thursday, 20 December 2012


Yarra St Repeats:
I thought I was in for 20 repeats of Yarra st, a fine achievement, something to be proud of, then I found out the plan was 25-30. O_O

We rode 5 sets of 5, with the only rest being the time it took to roll back down via parallel roads. 4 "Short" efforts to the roundabout, the last being seated, then 1 "long" effort to the top before it all began anew.

I was feeling ok about it all, the legs weren't getting any fresher, and there was an intensity I had to ride at or risk bogging down and making the whole thing harder, but generally I felt in control. That was until lap 18, deep into the mentally hardest 1/4, Skinny smashed it and left me gasping in his wake. For the next two laps, including a seated and long effort I was riding solo, fighting demons on my own. We were re-united when Skinny waited, and began the final 5 reps together.

Just for laughs, Luke suggested we do the 24th rep, in the big ring. I was too deep into the "just get it done" mindset to realise he was taking the piss, so by the time he let me know he was joking it was too late. I had already dutifully shifted to the 53, and down the cassette a little to ease the strain on my chain, and was set to get to the roundabout with arse firmly planted. I wish there was a photographer as my straining legs must have looked awesome, possibly as good as when I cramped everything in the '11 Otway.

When the final rep was done, and we were headed to a cafe to put strong coffees into our face holes, I checked the stats. over 1,150m of climbing in 45 odd km. Oof, no wonder I felt wwrecked.

Strava link.

D: 61.5km
A: 1,259m

PMPW: 93kg

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