Tuesday, 18 December 2012


Ok, so I made a plan, the fact that nothing went to plan is not the point, making a plan is the first step... even if it was just for one ride.

I intended to treat northy like a crit with a sprint, sit on wheels, cover gaps if I needed to, and tear myself and others a new one at the end. What happened was the 6-8 riders who were willing to work got split off the front by some lights, then we caught 8 more sets on the highway. Heading home it was steady turns with Tommy Leaper and a few others. I still find how smooth ex pros like Tom are. Their turns are smooth and consistent. You know when they're behind you that you're not going to get left hanging or burnt as they roll through.

Strava link.

D: 49.9km
A: 192m


D: 19.7km
A: 137m

PMPW: 94kg

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