Friday, 30 November 2012


Sprint Eliminator:
Sprints, against a bunch of roadies, predominately climbers. It sounded tailor made for me, so much so that I was confident of success. I went as far as using my track pedals, the ones with leather straps to ensure the powerful and oft violent efforts to get bike and body up to speed didn't result in a pulled foot and a blown chance.

I'm embarrassed to say I didn't even make it through the first round. I not only lost, but due to a combination of my holder's technique and my strapped in feet, I ended up on the ground of the start line. Dave came over and helped me out, giving me a side hold and getting me off the line. When the timer went off the fall didnt matter. I mono'd off the line, my small gear giving me a quick lead, but I was soon brought back, I couldn't click gears quick enough and my opponent drew away.

Despite clocking up a new power PB (1,894W @ 79rpm). I tried to laugh with everyone at the arms crossed, pouting countenance I took on as I crossed the line, but it would be a lie to say I felt anything other than shame and disappointment.

Link to the power data on Strava.

PMPW: 92kg

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