Sunday, 25 November 2012


SKCC Crits:
I took a sleep in rather than marshal E and D grades today, recovery seemed more important than an extra 60km of spinning out my legs.

After the wall of text that ensued about yesterday I'm keen to keep this short and sweet.

I sat at the back of the bunch for most of the race, doing my best to minimise energy usage. The Total Rush team plan had a couple of guys getting into breaks and a few of us left to wind out a bunch kick, so I didnt have to be anywhere else.

At some point I completely failed to get a bottle back in it's cage and effectively just dropped it onto the road mid pack. Guilt ensued, though thankfully no one hit it.

In the closing moments of the race I got into the top 15-20 riders, there was a mass of Rush riders, but we weren't organised into a train. Through for the bell lap and it was chaos, the first proper bunch sprint I've seen at St Kilda for some time. I fought for position, leaning my bike harder through the corners than I had all day and then smacking the pedals through the exit. I was on the outside and round the big sweeper two riders in front of me launched. I followed, working hard to hold the frenetic pace, out of the corner I stayed seated, it's a long way to the line. The two in front stood and gapped me. FUCK! I kept pushing into the pedals, hoping Ray was somewhere behind, getting benefit from my effort, an effort that soon came to an end as riders went flying up the road to my left.

I believe I rolled the line in around 6th to 10th. Probably my best result in an A grade crit, but like my legs, it felt a little hollow. I'm hoping that after next weekend, when I start working on speed and come in to a race with slightly fresher legs, that I'll be able to deliver a final punch that effects the race and either nets me or one of my boys a little envelope with some freddo frog money.

Strava link.

D: 67.1km
A: 121m

PMPW: 91kg

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