Wednesday, 21 November 2012


NRR long:
I wanted to do one thing today, smack the hills behind Frankston. I sat and chatted on the way down, I sat and hid on the way back, and on the hills... well I went to my happy unhappy place and my times have left me happy.

To me the crux of the ride was Two Bays Rd, I'd gotten over Canadian Bay a few metres off the guys who'd attacked at halfway. I'd chased them down on the first part of the descent and I'd hit that bottom left hander into Two Bays on the front. There were 6 or so blokes behind,the first and foremost of which was Benito Hegertini.He'd been one of the riders to attack on Canadian, so I figured he was feeling ok and took it upon myself to set a tempo for as long as possible, shielding him from the wind and giving him a shot at the "win".

There was no one close to our little group, so I eased into the effort, holding around 350W until the road ramps around 400m in. I built from there to around 450W, settled my cadence around 90rpm and then stopped looking at my computer. Eyes up the road, eventually I couldn't hear anything over the sound of my own breathing. A rider in TKM kit came around me with a bit of extra pace at house #30, I screwed my face up and dug into already hurting legs. A very quick glance told me I was pushing over 500W and my HR was already at 185bpm, I regretted looking, so to take my mind off it I took a glance back, there was no one left on my wheel, it was me and Mr TKM. I kept pushing on the pedals, standing out of the final left hander, his lead wavered, then slowly, slowly, slowly it started coming back, but not enough for the "win". So why am I happy with that? My time was 6 seconds off my best, but it was all me.

Strava link.

D: 109.4km
A: 642m

PMPW: 92kg

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