Sunday, 18 November 2012


SKCC Crits (Marshalling):
I had other plans today that prevented me from racing Crits, but I was still able to duck down to Port Melbourne and help in bunch Marshall E and D grades. I feel ok about it, my legs were tired and it gave me a chance to try and help others. To put myself back in the shoes of someone new to the sport and navigate a path forward for them.

E grade was wet, like properly wet, corner marshals were sweeping water off the road as we got underway wet. I set an easy pace on the front, slowly building it through the 20 minutes. I tried to impart good cornering technique, smooth lines, pedals up, torso dipping down to lower the centre of gravity and increase the contact patch at the apex. I wished I could have given these guys a higher pace all day, but I really feared for our skin over the white lines and through the corners. Thankfully by the end of the "race" there were dry patches appearing, we had passed both women's C and B grades cleanly and I could increase the pace for the last 3 laps, finally letting them go from the last corner at so they could run hard at the line.

I think the race commissionaire  was happy enough with how they rode as a couple of them were back with me in the D grade bunch a few minutes later. Once again it was a small bunch, perhaps 20-25 riders, once again I was the only marshal. I took a fairly relaxed approach to my duties, at one point, just after B grade had passed us I told the guys "I'm not going to stop you racing, if you want to attack b-grade, go for it, just don't sit on them." To their credit, at one point they did. Coming through to the end of the race it was obvious it was coming to a sprint. I dumped some theory on a couple of juniors who were camped at the the back near me. I tried to get them thinking about who was strong in the race, about what wheel they wanted to be on and how much energy to spend and when to get up the bunch to that wheel. They managed it too, crossing the line 1st and 2nd. Sadly they didn't chop me into their winnings.

D: 31.8km
A: 49m

PMPW: 92kg

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