Wednesday, 14 November 2012


NRR Long:
I got a decent chat with Ross as the bunch rolled to Mordi, then he turned for home and I found myself shooting shit with Brendan Rowbotham. Not too bad a way to start the morning, but not ideal in terms of training stresses.

I let others set the pace up Karr St before rolling over them to set the pace through to the top of Baden Powel Drive. I once again let others set the pace to and up the Highway before we turned into Canadian Bay and the "fun" started.

Miranda Griffiths kicked things off into the pinch at the bottom, gaping everyone in the process. I'd been moving up as it occurred and managed to latch myself onto the wheel of a dude in Giant kit, slowly, little by little he dragged her back, finally making the catch just as we hit the flat middle section. I continued to sit on, working to catch my breath, then as we hit the last pinch of the road I went up the outside.

Over the top I found myself clear, and given the lack of strength in the bunch, I decided to chance going alone from there. I set a tempo to the descent proper, then worked to hold good speed through corners and to avoid the car that started to back out onto the road. The quick look back as I turned into Two Bays didn't spot anyone, so I did my best to find and settle into a solid tempo. 90rpm and 450W. Those were my magic numbers, the only time I saw my HR was near the top and I quickly tried to forget it again (6 beats over threshold).

I stayed clear, and even had enough time to pull out some food and wonder about my time (not great), before the next rider rolled in.

I (with a few others) pulled long track style turns on the front to get us home. They weren't earth shattering speed, but still nice to get long consistent efforts on the flat.

Strava link.

Time at work: 9:28am*

A: 558m


D: 8.8km

PMPW: 92kg

* This number is a touch deceptive. I stopped for a coffee at soulkitchen, so in reality I could have been in at 5 past.

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