Saturday, 10 November 2012


St Kilda East - Mt Pleasant - Stony Creek - Pidgeon Bank - Dawson - Clintons - Cottles Bridge - Flat Rock - St Kilda East:
I had some major CBFs today, I got up earlyish, I shaved my legs, I even rolled out the door in time to meet Dean and some others at Rush for a ride. When I got there with a mildly damn arse and found the ride was off, I went home. This is where the CBFs set in. It was almost as if I'd spent all my motivation/getting out the door energy already.

Eventually, around 10am, I finally left home again, by 10:20 I'd finished my takeaway coffee and by around 12:30 - 1:00 I had some motivation to push on the pedals. That last bit happened when I was well past Eltham, though there was a small effort off of Mt Pleasant Rd to try and snag a low hanging Strava KOM on Reynolds Road.

It want until I got to Dawson's road that I settled into decent tempo, though it wasn't for the whole length. Then once back down Alma and refuelled from the Jam/Pickes guy on the Eltham - Yarraglen road it was on to my an honest to FSM attempt to set a time up Clintons Rd.

The next time in the box proper was Flat Rock road, my effort on Cottles Bridge was a little lackluster so I'll ignore it. Flat Rock Rd, that evil little number that is neither flat nor rocky, for me what matters is the 3 ramps up to the right angled left turn. It's only a few kms but it hurts like a bastard if you miss time your efforts. I made my final push a bit too early, resulting in me having to get out of the saddle and labour the last few dozen metres.

The final item that I wanted to check off is a little number called Bolton St. It's about 100m long and around 14% gradient. For quite some time I've tried to take the top ranked Strava spot, and a little while ago Cam McDonald put 4 seconds into my best effort. I came at it straight on, straight down the hill rather than hucking a left. I did my best to time the lights and hit it with speed, then everything went into the pedals. 100m later I rounded the corner, shut down the legs and gasped for air.

So, here we are, towards the end, most of which was spent describing when I went hard, but no actual metrics on those efforts. That's how it was during the ride, you put yourself in the box and stay there, on the next hill, you go back into the box. Only when you get home and can review, do results come to light.

The data has been crunched by a computer somewhere and I'm fairly happy that a day that started with such malaise resulted in some nice little indications of fitness improvement.

I took that sneaky Reynolds Road KOM, but honestly, that was a given. Dawsons Rd I was 8 seconds off my previous best, an effort that I remember hurting like a bastard. Clintons Rd I PB'd by a further 15 seconds. Flat Rock Rd I shaved an extra 2 seconds off my past best. Finally Bolton St. I cut 2 seconds off my past best, halving the distance to Cam. I'm not sure how much more I've got on this one, I averaged 1,272W, I struggle to imagine what the extra 2 seconds will take.

Strava link.

D:  142.9km
A:  2,605m

PMPW: 91kg

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