Thursday, 4 October 2012


St Kilda East - Devils Elbow - One Tree Hill - St Kilda East:
I hoped this week, with no backpack, I'd be able to hold on to DK a little better, and in many ways I did well, but I failed on actually holding his wheel for the climb.

When we hit the straight after the sweeping right, my calculations put him 30 seconds up the road and I never saw him once I was turned into Churchill Drive. It was pretty much just me and the climb up tarmac angled at around 8%.

I'm sure the freshness of his legs and the tiredness of mine were contributing factors, but fuck it, despite the solid PB I still have a feeling that I failed a test.

Strava link.

D: 72.8km
A: 1,093m

Seemingly unrelated to cycling, unless you love some heavy music during intervals, is this article by the lead singer/guitarist of US metal band Baroness.*

I draw your attention to it, because it's a dude, who experienced trauma that you wouldn't wish on anyone, yet has come out the other side with an attitude that's freaking remarkable.

I seriously recommend you read it through, but here is some exerts that will give you the gist.

They were in a bus crash.

"While we were airborne my eyes met with our driver’s. I knew then that we each shared the same look on our face; and I won’t soon forget it. We had spent enough time in the air to appreciate, make peace with and accept a fate we thought inevitable, and we looked at one another with a horribly silent “goodbye” in our eyes."

Suffered some serious bodily damage.

"My left arm was crushed beyond belief, broken in the middle of the bone in my upper arm (humerus), and hanging 90 degrees backwards, with many spurs of bone poking through muscles and sinew at the surface of my skin. The bone was shattered into seven free-floating pieces, and my wrist and hand were swinging behind my back, spasming freely. Instinctively, I reached behind my back, grabbed my wrist and re-broke my arm forwards, hugging it to my chest, where it remained for the next three hours until it was cast in plaster."

The moist poignant thing for me was this.

"For one heartbeat and one tiny sliver of time, I became disconnected entirely. It was, specifically, the moment I impacted with the glass. In that barest heartbeat of a moment, I came face to face with the infinite. I didn’t see a light, or the tunnel or hear any music. Nor did I get a “best-of” montage of my life. Instead, I felt the tip of my nose brush up against the very same fate I had accepted moments before. I looked into a cold, unreflective mirror. It was the dark, silent, dispassionate logic of the end. I realized in that moment that life can be seen as a light switch: “on” or “off”. When the moment passed and I heard the screaming, felt the pain, and tasted my own blood, I was overcome with joy. I was ecstatic to be back amidst all that chaos and horror because it was alive and real."

If that doesn't take your brain, and force it to assess where you're going with life and audit how well you use your time, then frankly I question if you're alive.

Carpe Diem. YOLO. Just Do It. HTFU Kid.

D: 15.4km
A: 246m

PMWP: 91kg * Credit to my buddy Liam White for pointing me to the article.

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