Wednesday, 3 October 2012


NRR Long:
Down the highway to Mordi was a relaxed pace back where I was in the bunch, and though I dont think we added too much pace when the regular loop peeled right at the roundabout the fact I started rolling turns meant it took a bit more effort from me. Given my priority was once again the hills, I considered dropping out of the working group, to sit in and conserve until "the bays", but when I had done that on the highway I'd been swamped and lost 40 places in moments. So I kept coming through until we rolled into Frankston.

I took a sit up Kars and Baden Powel, keeping my arse firmly planted in the saddle and my legs flicking through at 90rpm. I sat in along the freeway too, in fact I stayed with my fat arse hidden from the wind right up until the bottom corner of Canadian Bay, where I rolled up the inside? outside? I dunno, the right side (of the left lane), everyone was off to the left following wheels leaving a big fat path for me to make up easy positions and get onto the moves that start right into the face of the first kick. I suppose that means I sat on up Canadian Bay too, pushing over threshold to hold wheels before the false flat, recovering for a little bit, then up out of the saddle to crest the top. I was in 8th, and feeling ok, but you know, nervous, because Two Bays and I aren't really best friends or anything.

Two bays hurt, I'm sure due to someone pedalling in front of me, but that was outside my scope of attention and care. My scope and attention was pretty much my legs, sometimes the rider in front of me, and on very rare occasions the rider in front of them. I figured you'd ask about the scope and attention thing, so I've pre-empted you a bit here.... sorry if you weren't, but you know what they say about pre-empting, "it'll make an em and a pting out of pr and e.". At house #40 I was a rider or so closer to the front, good, that meant it hurt whoever it was to hurt me. Joel Pearson pushed out from the wheel he was on and and upped the pace, by the time I was around the tired rider in front of me, he and Ferg Sully had a 3-4m gap, and I was in the wind chasing. At some point a rider came around me and filled most of the hole... then exploded and whacked it in reverse. I kept my effort steady and the gap stayed constant meaning I rolled home in 3rd. Look, I know it's silly to give so many words to what is a training ride, but I'm fucking stoaked. I'm pretty sure everyone else cares as much as I do, and so it's a fair guide to form. Oh, I also shaved 11 seconds off previous two bays PB.

I sat in for the trip home. I'd achieved what I'd come to do, and was happy to just cover wheels when needed. That is up until we got to the golden mile and hit the traffic chaos caused by the tunnel outage.

Time at work: 8:55am

Strava link.

D: 100.7km
A: 554m


Not a bad morning to be on the bike eh? I swear, I was happy, no... really!

D: 8.1km
A: 10m

PMPW: 91kg