Wednesday, 24 October 2012


NRR long:
It's amusing how much NRR long changes after the Warny is over and Sandown Crits start. There were half the riders of a few weeks ago and much of the top end was missing.

The pace reflected this, for the whole trip south it was just Wade and I on the front, tapping an easy pace and chatting. I figured this would mean a few would bite when I set hard tempo up Karr St, but as I rolled over the crest I realised everyone else was a long way back. I sat up, soft pedalling while I waited for them to get back on.

There was a bit more life up Baden Powel, my hard tempo was matched by the bunch, but no one seemed to eager to do much more than sit on. Along the rolling road to the freeway I composed myself a few wheels back, surely the fireworks would start there. Nope, there was nice tempo along the highway, it was enough to make me a little complacent and forget about bunch positioning. As we rolled into the dip at the start of Canadian Bay I realised the error of my ways, I'd let too many shit wheels slot in front of me.

I whipped around a couple through the corner, but up front Andy Naylor was hitting it and I had to scrabble around the last few wheels that weren't up to the task. Andy was out of the saddle, stomping on the pedals, a CBD kitted rider on his wheel, then me, arse firmly planted in my seat. The pace had arrived, and it was hurting.

Across the flat the CBD rider did the work, I gave Andy a quick hand in the back as he started to shoot backwards down the left side of the road, then got back to trying to drop my HR back under threshold before the final kick to the crest. I left the CBD rider on the front for the descent, and he seemed happy to be there into the bottom of Two Bays, standing up to get some momentum going... once up to speed I watched mesmerised by the sway of his hips... he was still out of the saddle! The pace hurt, but I was within my abilities and convinced my arse in the seat, spinning style would triumph over his heavy muscle usage method. Soon he would tire, he'd sit down and we'd roll him like the chump he surely was.

Incorrect. The dude just kept smacking down into those pedals, all the way to the top... well I assume to the top, I popped coming out of the exit of the last corner. A stitch making breathing hard... seriously... a stitch?!

The strong headwind home hurt, I rolled turns for a bit, but as riders dropped out of rotation I found it a bit much and dropped back for a sit. When the CBD rider pulled off at black rock, there was a collective sigh, and we got back to nice steady turns that everyone could be involved in. It was nice to know it wasn't just me finding him too strong.

Time at work: 9:09am

Strava link.

D: 100.5km
A: 620m


D: 13.3km
A: 125m

PMPW: 90kg

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