Monday, 15 October 2012


Instead of talking about the state of my body (pretty achey), I figure now's a good time to jot down some little things about the Warny.

The first one, the one that sticks most in my mind was watching the NRS boys bike handling. Sliding up through the pack, between riders where no gap appeared to exist. At one point, on the bit of road that heads south from Lismore... you know, the one with the cross winds... anyway the race was pretty much single file in the gutter, occasionally someone would drop a wheel or someone would pop out to move up, but mostly, yeah, in the gutter. In those rare moments where someone needed to be got around or there was a free tow, I took it. One of those moments was behind Will Walker, I could barely follow him as he rode mere millimetres from the bikes and bodies of those in the gutter, despite the cross winds, while I, growing increasing disillusioned at my own bike handling abilities hovered a further 6-8 inches out into the wind. Hrm... a pretty long winded way of saying "those guys ride good".

I didn't get a 3rd feed, the team of ridiculously kind people helping out didn't make it in time, but anyway that bit's not important, just the fact I didn't get my own bag of goodness. So in a small bunch with a heap of mates I asked around for donations of drinks and food, specifically gels. Soon enough I was laden with extras others didn't need (thanks especially to the Artisan Cycles boys). One of the gels I got was "Banoffee", a flavour that reminded me of well overripe banana and instant coffee... and once the first waft of flavour reached my mouth from the tiny hole I'd ripped in the top of the packet... well I gagged. So I had a conundrum, in my hand was something packed with sugar, caffeine and guarana... which lets be honest is just super caffeine... anyway I had something indubitably good for me, but that conjured a reaction akin to Brussel sprouts. Pop quiz hot shot... what do you do?! Me? I shot the hostage (ate it and then complained like a 6 year old boy).

D: 17.3km
A: 155m

PMPW: 93kg

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