Wednesday, 5 September 2012


When I got back in bed at 4:05am after waking to pee, I had a little voice in my head, it asked "did you set your alarm?". I told the voice to piss off, it's the same one that asks if you've left the oven on, despite not having used it all week. Sadly this time the voice had a point, I hadnt set an alarm and I missed NRR entirely.

I grabbed the cross bike, hoping to brighten my day slightly with some single track shenanigans on my commute, and while it did, the could of an opportunity missed hung overhead like the ones in cartoons. It only effected me, and shadowed my every pedal stroke, putting a damper on my day.

D: 6.3km
A: 216m

1 x 10min E1
1 x 20min E3 (A&S)
1 x 10min E1
1 x 20min E3 (A&S, R/U)
1 x 5min E1

I took a leaf out of Steve's book and when writing this one on my leg had two types of instructions. "Easy" and "GO!"

Out on the balcony, with only a play list entitled "make it hurt" to keep me company, time stretched out and compressed in a way that seems unique to being in the box. 10 minutes felt like 5, 20 minutes felt like 40, and all the while I sweated like a MAMIL trying to climb the 1 in 20.

If nothing else, this session will serve as a reminder to set my bloody alarm in the future, for fear of having to repeat it.

Strava link.

PMPW: 92kg

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