Tuesday, 4 September 2012


St Kilda East - Mt Pleasant - CBD:
On one hand I loved the riding I did on the weekend, on the other I hated that it meant to keep my "ITT of MtP, first week of the month" vow, I had to do it mid week.

Like last time, I had an almost overwhelming sense of dread, so I resorted to the age old tactic of completing small manageable tasks. Putting on my socks and ensuring they were lined up. On the roll out my legs still felt crappy, I coughed up several things that would have done H.R. Giger proud, not things that helped dispel the fear, so I continued ticking off the small things. Princess St, Heidelberg/Heidelberg, Banyule Flats, and soon enough I was rolling across the bridge on Main Rd, metres away from what I'd done my best not to think about.

The plan was to hold a steady effort, just like last time, but with the added benefit of being able to corner hard. A few times I found myself out of the saddle trying to hold momentum, burning up precious strength and hating myself for it. In the middle somewhere I forgot the route and went too hard too early on a hill that keeps going around the corner I was not yet at. Still, you have to push on past failures and deal with what you can this instant and plan for the future. I finished with a diaphragm spasming and legs on fire.

It wasn't until I got home, 12 hours later that I found how went. I nervously scrolled down through the segments, hoping to see the little gold cup that tells me a PB has been achieved. Finally I spotted "All of Mount Pleasant with Antoinette Bvard" and I was filled with joy to see 7 seconds shaved off my past best effort. As I thought more about it, I was left with a slight bitter taste, last time I'd lost time to traffic and cornering ability.

Benchmark time:16:51

Strava link.

D: 72.8km
A: 1,087m

Ii had two epiphanies on the bike this morning, but after getting back to my desk I couldn't remember either of them. It's sort of like dreaming, life makes sense on the bike, but as time passes after you dismount and wake into the walking world, the more that feeling disappears.

D: 7.4km
A:  69m

PMPW: 92kg

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