Saturday, 29 September 2012


Hell Ride:
There's only a few weeks until the Warny and though I had a reason wish a quick ride today, I had the time to get more done and that makes it (the reason) seem more like an excuse. That aside, the Hell Ride is what I did, and I had fun.

The wind was up, seriously up, so much so that when I hit the bunch early, it lead to turns at 55-60km/h. I soon stopped doing said turns and spent a bit of time wondering how much of a beast I had awoken.

Talking of beasts. Ash Thomas! He'll know what that's about. ;)

Like usual my giggles were the hills past Frankston. Nick was off the front as we rode along the wind blasted foreshore by the boat ramp, I rolled to the front and tried to get some drive in the bunch, Leigh came through and got us to the bottom of Hopes Rise, then swung leaving me with 1 rider to chase and many to drop. So I did.

Over the top, with legs a little less than pleased with me, and a gap to the bunch I set an easy tempo waiting for the bunch to roll over me. Instead what I got was Hendo whip past with waaay too much speed for me to grab his wheel, and in a moment, he had a 20m gap. I did my best to minimise the damage over the top and down the hill before others who'd arrived on my wheel came through and pulled me through to Mt Eliza. Greg was never much beyond that 20m gap, but then, we were never much closer either. The gap is half closed or half created, if you will.

The west nor westerly giving us enough headwind to halve our speed and force an echelon across the road. I limited my efforts to keeping out of trouble, and asking Hendo about his untaped bars. A set of Deda at a modern track sprinters width meant he had ~10cm less width than me, though it didn't seem to be slowing him down too much.
Strava link.

D: 100.6km
A: 502m

PMPW: 92kg


Ash Thomas said...

Lights!! Woohoo! I've made it!

Neil Robinson said...

You ask. We deliver.*+

* metropolitan areas only.
+ delivery charge applies.