Wednesday, 26 September 2012


NRR Long:
A massive bunch without much impetus going south. That's about the best way to sum up the ride, and I could probably even leave it at that, but I wont, because I like the sound of my own keyboard.

Once the regular ride swung off at the Mordi roundabout 4 of us comprising 3 Bike Gallery boys (Cam McDonald, Dan Wilkins, the bloke i talked to one time but forgot his name, and of course, myself) rolled nice clean turns, waiting patiently for the bunch to start pulling through. Eventually it was decided that if the bunch got to sit and chat, we would too and dropped the speed back down and sat two up on the front.

There were a bunch of familiar faces in the (crap i'm going to have to use "bunch" again) bunch, though most weren't Long regulars. These familiar legs belonged to strong riders, giving us (on paper) the fastest bunch (shit I used it again) in recent memory. Everyone felt it too, as we rode up Kars St you could almost taste the nerves in the bunch. Everyone was super attentive, trying to keep near the front so much so that everything bunched up as we crested the top. No one wanted to be caught out by a strong move.


The real stuff happened at the base of Canadian Bay, AJ (as usual) hit it up the outside from the bottom, but there were plenty of legs willing and able to respond. I got myself tucked away on wheels and kept my eyes up to spot blown riders early. I kicked on the final pinch and scraped a 5-6 more seconds off my previous best time. Letting others roll through so I could rest on the descent I wasn't overly confident, my legs were still hurting from the weekend and I hadn't tested myself against many of the new comers.


Two Bays was a mixed bag, the mass of riders meant someone fresh was often looking to come over the top of a flagging lead rider. 2/3rds of the way up I sort of cracked, the pace had lifted half a poofteenth and I wasn't able to go with it. I struggled to keep tempo on my own, dangling 10ish metres in front of me was a small group including AJ. That was it to the end, they didn't pull away, and I didn't flag off either. The time says I rode solidly, but sadly no PB to back up the one on Canadians.

For once I felt ok on the return leg, the same sorts of riders were smacking turns on the front, but I concentrated on keeping smooth both in my positioning and also my pedalling.

Time at work: 8:50am

Strava link.

D: 99.1km


D: 12.2km
A: 134m

PMPW: 92kg

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